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Didcot Allotment Society (DAS) was formed in 2017 and is affiliated to the National Allotment Society (NAS). Our aim is to grow a community of allotment holders and encourage Didcot residents to use the allotments and discover the many benefits that come with it.


But we're not just about allotments! 

If you are passionate about homegrown veg, fruit or flowers, we'd love to have you on board. Whether beginner or experienced our membership is open to all who have an interest or are lucky enough to possess bright green fingers! Become a member of DAS today, and show your support for the precious green space in our town. 

While you're here, don't forget to look out for our regular events! We hold regular plant bring & buy sales, seed swaps and are keen to showcase the importance of the five allotment sites within our town. In 2016 we held a special centenary celebration for the Broadway site. We're incredibly lucky to have these 100 year old allotments still going strong and providing fruit and veg for local families.

We also won an award for raising awareness, in addition to other various nominations, at the Business and Community Awards by Didcot First in 2017. 

Each year Didcot Town Council awards a prize for the best overall allotment site, and for the best plot on each of the 5 sites.

You can find our DAS constitution here.


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Our Vision

Our vision


To us, our allotments are more than just a scratch of land and a few potatoes. Allotments are living, breathing beings and provide 'green lungs' for our town. We strongly believe they need to be nurtured and cared for, it's a use it or loose it campaign to keep hold of this precious space which provides in many ways for many people. Let's dig in and use this space to educate, enjoy and excite! Gardening is a hobby for ALL, so we've on a mission to bust those steryotypes and get our hands dirty. Are you with us? 


Joining the Didcot Allotment Society, also means you will gain all the benefits of being a member of the National Allotment Society. Find out more about the NAS and what they to to support smaller comunity groups here 

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