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It is gently raining as I write this, I only hope now that the much needed rain does not spoil things for all the folk going on a UK holiday. I have to say that the appearance on the allotments changes dramatically after sustained rainfall, and that has been very scarce this season. I hope that all the various problems associated with the growing season have not affected you too badly, bugs and diseases have been unwelcome this year, I guess weather condition have contributed greatly to this.


Of greater worry is allotment thefts, not only involving those from sheds, but more recently I have received reports of produce being stolen. Please do let us know if you to have been affected by this, particularly reporting to the police shed break ins, even if nothing was stolen.


The additional summer burn has been a great success, and I am very grateful to the Council for agreeing to this. However, despite advice to the contrary I witnessed one fire being lit next to an allotment being worked, the wind was such that the folks working were engulfed in smoke. Please be concerned for your neighbors in all that you do but in particular the lighting of fires.


I can only speak for my site but I have to say a big thank you to everyone and congratulate you for your help and concern for the others on the site. It would be wrong to name folk, but they know who they are, physically assisting other site members, including sharing advice and produce. Thank you.


I would just like to mention Didcot and District Horticultural Association Shop in Laburnum Grove here in Didcot. We in DAS are not directly associated with them, but as your society we do recommend that you use them, they have a great range of gardening items, and of course advice. I believe we should support them as fully as possible, they are not in competition with us and have been around for a long time. Annual membership is just a pound, fifty pence if you are a Senior, they are much cheaper than garden centres and DIY shops, well worth a visit.


Good luck for the rest of the season, may I thank you for your continued membership, as you know well over half of what you give us goes directly the National Allotment Society (NAS) who will support us should we once again encounter a threat to the continued use of our sites. Plus of course your membership of DAS entitles you to a good reduction in seeds purchase direct from NAS who I believe use Kings Seeds as their supplier.


We now have a new Manager in place at the Council responsible for Allotments, I hope to build a good working relationship with him over the coming months. In addition, thanks to one of the Mereland site members DAS now has a notice board of their own, used to display useful up to date information that affects us all.


Finally, please do encourage other site holders to join DAS, we believe it is an advantage to be a member, we intend to bring all allotment holders, regardless of site location closer together and up to date on matters that affect us all.

Thank You

Kind Regards



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