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There have been allotments on the Broadway site for over 100years (link to item on Broadway history – the one with the maps) and we celebrated its centenary with a party in July 2016 (link to item on Broadway centenary). It is a friendly, open site in the centre of town (link to map of the 5 sites) comprising over 80 plots. It has been a subject in many of Linda Benton’s montages of Didcot life (link to her article or website?).


Availability of plots

There are at least 7 plots available (as of early April 2017) and more may become available by the end of the period for rent renewal with the council (early May). DAS is working with the Council to make sure that plot sizes appropriate to plot holders’ needs are made available - especially those of newcomers (link to item on small starter plots initiative if there is one?).


If you would like to visit the site with a view to seeing what is available, please contact Therese or Andy at or 01235 819139.


Newcomers in 2017

We welcome Difaf & Nour, Andrea and Maddie & Rhiannon who have taken on plots this year and who have already made great progress in turning jungle into ‘Gardens of Eden’.


Interaction with Didcot Town Council

Therese Feest and Amanda Sandiford (mug shots here?) are the Broadway site representatives on the Council’s Allotment Holders’ Liaison Group and the Council representative for the site is Councillor Steve Connell.

There is an annual fee for holding an allotment which is due every April. 

The fee for 2017/2018 financial year is £27.00 and £17.00 concession.

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