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NEW Initiatives



Following the resolution passed at the council’s Environment Committee (see last newsletter) we have offered to help the council staff put the resolution into action.


At an informal meeting with the Deputy Town Clerk and the new Outdoor Services Manager, we offered intelligence from site representatives on plots known to have been given up and practical help in identifying and marking out plots that could be easily divided.


We are also using our dissemination media to spread the word about the option of smaller plots for allotment newcomers.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking up this option please suggest that they let the council know of their interest.


If you are an existing plot holder wishing to increase or reduce your holding by a half plot, please let your site rep know and discuss it with the council staff when you renew your rent. Contact details for your site rep should be displayed on your site noticeboard. Alternatively, contact Didcot Town Council 

Creative Allotment Numbers INITIATIVE


With increased support from the council to help keep our allotment sites in good nick, and to help newcomers find their way around, we're shortly launching our new initiative this year to get all allotment holders to create a sign with the plot number and name on.

Creative places to paint your plot number:

- On your shed!

-On the compost bin!

- On a large brick, tile or stone!

-  Re-use a plank of wood! 

Send photos of your creative signs to our facebook page!

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